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Originally Posted by Chaos2Keres View Post
I had the same issue where it only gave 3-4 nodes and duplicate credits. However I tried a change compared to what the video shows where I picked up the space node first, placed that on the right side of the corridor, ran to the node in the office, placed that on the right side too just under the first and them got the credits and placed it on the left side. Once I ran back to the office, waited and returned to the items, I picked up the credit first, which didn't duplicate, placed them near the vent and went for the node. First one didn't duplicate but the second one did. Once I put the second one down and returned, the first node reappeared and duplicated over and over. Tested twice and worked both times.
Your description is too confusing to read. Make a step by a step list would be easier. I don't even know which node you referring to, space node, office node or save room node by the wall. I wasn't sure which node or cash to picked up and drop off first. The video is a bit too long and I tried dlc duplication ammo trick but realized it wasted so much time to do on hardcore run. Hopefully you or someone could make this clarify, thanks.

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