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Getting to level 60

I'm sure there are some topics about this already, but it's difficult to find the specific info I'm looking for, so I decided to make a new topic about it.

I've bought the GOTY edition and right now, I'm level 40 with Xian, total XP of about 1.1 million. I've only just reached the jungle (did one mission for Matutero and that's it). Having looked at the level chart, I need 2 million more to reach level 50, and if I understand correctly, I'll need to get a total over 8.75 million to get to level 60.

I've read that the XP you get for quests in New Game+ is a lot higher. Is the XP you get from just killing enemies higher as well? If I were to finish the game right, without doing many sidequest, and then beat it another time on New Game +, again without paying too much attention to side quests, what level do you think I would reach? Would I be coming close to level 60, or would I still have a loooong way to go?

I'm trying to decide if it's worth my time to level up, basically. I've been doing some bloodbath arena, cause I kinda enjoy Arena A, and it seems to be good to rack up some experience, and to get further along in the challenges. I only need to kill 37 more butchers for example, to beat the fourth level of that particular challenge.

Bloodbath Arena is also a good way to earn some money. I'm over 250k right now, which means if I spend 200k on oleander (I maxed out the skill with Xian that gives you 30% reduction on all items you can buy), I should be getting another 500k worth of XP. But I'm not there yet in the main plot, and I'm reluctant to do it, as it may crash my game. I know it's been patched, but there still seem to be some corrupted save files happening.

Basically, playing bloodbath arena for a couple more hours, I should be beating lot of the challenges (kill floaters, butchers, suiciders, decapitate zombies, cut off limbs, use fire mod, kill enemies with fury). These will net me another 1.3 million approximately. But then I would STILL need a hell of a lot more XP.

How did you people reach 60, without cheating?
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