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Max Anarchy - 60
Complete the game without using retries on any difficulty

In order to unlock Max Anarchy, you must complete the game without using any retries which means you must not die once. Although this may sound difficult, it really isnít as hard as it sounds. If you play through the game in the fashion I described in the roadmap, youíll have experience from Hard mode which will make this game on Normal mode be a walk in the park. If Normal is still too hard, you are also able to unlock this on Easy which should make it nearly difficult to die. Keep in mind that rampage mode makes you invincible so you may want to hold on to it until your health drops low so you can be invincible and regain your health simultaneously. This will unlock at the end-game results screen.
You can watch a complete Normal mode No-Retries run on my channel here:

Anarchy Recognizes Anarchy - 30
Unlock all player characters in the game.

The only character you will not unlock normally through campaign mode is Gargoyle. Gargoyle can be unlocked by either reaching level 22 online or simply completing both Red Sides by starting and completing the game on White and Black side. This will unlock at the end-game results screen if done through campaign mode.

Burnt Out Anarchy - 40
Defeat all the bosses while in a Rampage. (Campaign Mode)

This requires you to defeat every boss while in rampage mode. You will know it counts towards the achievement if you get a Rampage! +10000 bonus. It looks like this:

Please refer to Anarchyís Executioner for a list of all bosses and more information.

Anarchy's Executioner - 40
Defeat all the bosses with your Killer Weapon. (Campaign Mode)

This requires you to defeat every boss with a killer weapon ( or versions both work). You will know it counts towards the achievement if you get the Overkill! +10000 bonus. It looks like this:

All bosses seem to be a little shaky, as itís still unknown if you need to kill bosses that reoccur more than once. However, it seems you only need to kill bosses that are playable characters. I personally unlocked this achievement on the 2nd battle with Oinkie, but thatís cross-chapter. Nevertheless, you can go and re-battle every boss in Stage Select immediately, so it never hurts to kill every single boss. Please note that you never actually kill Douglas in White 4-2, so keep an eye out for the bonus to make sure you get right before the cutscene pops. Here is a checklist of every boss in the game:

1-1: Big Bull Ė KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
1-3: Baron - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
2-1: Gargoyle - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
2-3: Leo - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-1: Rin Rin - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-2: Zero - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-3: Max - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
4-1: Sasha - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
4-2: Zero - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
4-3 (Black): Max - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]

1-1: Durga Ė KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
1-3: Durga - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
1-3: Garuda - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
2-1: Oinkie - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
2-3: Jack - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-1: Fei Rin - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-1: Ai Rin - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-2: Oinkie - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
3-3: Max - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
4-1: Nikolai - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
4-2: Douglas - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
4-3 (White): Max - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]

R-Black: Leo - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
R-White: Jack - KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
FINAL BOSS-Black: KW [ ] RMPG [ ]
FINAL BOSS-White: KW [ ] RMPG [ ]

Ultimate Weapon of Anarchy - 60
Defeat Cthulhu within 5 minutes. (Campaign Mode)

In order to unlock this you must defeat Cthulhu in under 5 minutes in Black Side 4-2. This is actually very easy if you use rampage mode to consistently damage him. You can watch the battle with him here @ 2:06:

Anarchy in the Calamari - 60
Defeat the Kraken within 5 minutes. (Campaign Mode)

In order to unlock this you must defeat the Kraken in under 5 minutes in White or Black Side 2-2. Unlike the Cthulhu fight, this is a bit more difficult to do in less than 5 minutes. If you donít unlock this your first try, simply go back and do this mission on Easy with Stage Select so heíll lose his health faster. You can watch the battle with him here @ 3:34:

Minefield of Anarchy! - 20
Shock 3 enemies at once with a Supercharged Trap. (Campaign Mode)

This achievement requires you to hit 3 enemies with one supercharged trap. You will find a lot of supercharged traps in Black Side 3-1 Free which also has a lot of drones, easily unlocking this achievement. Here is a picture of the supercharged trap:

Lake of Fire? Lake of Anarchy! - 20
Defeat 5 enemies at once with an incendiary grenade. (Campaign Mode)

Incendiary grenades are a slightly more rare item than most. However, in Black Side 2-1, the mission with the Gargoyles, there will always be one in the rightmost item box. Simply pick up the incendiary grenades and save it for after the mission. Then in Street Brawl simply throw it at a group of 5+ thugs to unlock this achievement. Here is some pictures of the incendiary grenades:

Anarchist's Tomato Cookbook - 20
Defeat 50 enemies with the Rifle. (Campaign Mode)

Defeating 50 enemies with the rifle should come naturally, as there is a rifle free mission where you have infinite bullets and tons of enemies on both the Black and White sides of the campaign, Black 1-3 Free and White 3-3 Free. Here is a video of one of the rifle free missions at 8:46:

Machine Gun Anarchy - 15
Defeat 15 enemies with the Gatling gun. (Campaign Mode)

This achievement should come naturally in Black Side 2-1 at the beginning when youíre mounted on the gatling gun shooting the myriad of Gargoyles coming to attack you. Here is a video of that sequence:

Backyard Barbeque (With Anarchy) - 15
Fry 50 enemies with the Flying Platform. (Campaign Mode)

The enemies with the Flying Platform begin to appear in Stage 2 during the rainy environment. To make it rain, simply kill 20 enemies in Street Brawl. There will be a chance the enemy with the Flying Platform will appear. Attack the Flying Platform a few times to knock the enemy off of it, which you can then hijack with . Press to use the Flamethrower attachment. Killing 50 enemies with this will take some time so you may have to hijack multiple Flying Platforms to unlock this. Please note that you cannot hijack Flying Platforms during missions as they will explode instead. Additionally, during Black Side 2-1 Free there is a race-style mission where you will be on a Flying Platform. I tried to unlock this achievement during that mission but I didnít seem able to do so, so I am unsure if that mission will count towards this achievement. Nevertheless, here is a video of that mission to show off the Flying Platform:

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