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Baron von Anarchy - 15
Defeat 50 enemies while riding a Helicopter Drone. (Campaign Mode)

In order to unlock this achievement you must simply kill 50 enemies while riding a hijacked helicopter drone. You can unlock this easily in White Side 2-1 Free as the entire mission involves you riding a hijacked helicopter with infinite ammo. Here is a video of that mission:

Someone Set Up Us The Anarchy! - 15
Defeat 10 enemies by throwing an explosive Pyro Killseeker before they explode. (Campaign Mode)

To unlock this achievement you must kill 10 enemies with a Pyro Killseeker (the red flamethrower enemies) before they explode. When their siren goes off, run over to them and pick them up with . Throw them at other enemies and it will count towards this achievement. Note that you CAN throw them at other ready-to-explode Pyro Killseekers to unlock this achievement. If you want somewhere to guarantee Pyro Killseekers will spawn, go to Black Side 1-1 Free. You can watch a video of me unlocking this achievement here:

Anarchy Clockwork Drone - 15
Defeat 5 enemies by throwing a self-destructing Drone before they explode. (Campaign Mode)

Similar to the Pyro Killseeker achievement, this requires throwing 5 ready-to-explode Drones at enemies and killing them with the blast. Just like the Pyro Killseeker achievement, you can throw this at other ready-to-explode Drones to count towards this achievement. A fair number of drones spawn in Black Side 3-1 Free.

Frozen in Time for Anarchy - 15
Defeat a frozen enemy. (Campaign Mode)

Defeating a frozen enemy requires freezing an enemy with a cryo container then proceeding to kill them. While most people will unlock this naturally or on accident, if you still do not have this then play White Side 3-1 Free where a cryo container should be.

Throw The Anarchy Already! - 15
Defeat 20 enemies with thrown objects. (Campaign Mode)

This achievement requires 20 enemies to die by any thrown object. The best place to unlock this is in Black Side 2-2 Free where you fight an atrocity of parasites. There will be a few explosive containers in the arena which you can throw at a group of parasites to kill many all at once. You can watch Black Side 2-2 Free in this video and the mission @ 2:58:

Guy Dead Missile Anarchy - 20
Destroy a Helicopter Drone by throwing its missile back at it. (Campaign Mode)

To unlock this achievement you must destroy a helicopter with its own missile. This is best done in Black Side 1-1 as doing this in Street Brawl usually ends with a hijack-ready helicopter instead. Watch this video to see how to unlock this:

The Plural of Ninja is Anarchy - 20
Throw 10 enemies from behind using stealth. (Campaign Mode)

To unlock this achievement you must get the stealth power up. The stealth power up is the blue stick figure. Fortunately this power has a high chance of appearing from the item box guy who appears after defeating a rainy enemy (20 kills to change to rain). Once you get a hold of this power, make a save. Use the power and then get behind the clueless enemies and grab them with . Each grab should be an instant kill. You’ll likely get around 7 kills with this before the power runs out, so reload and get the last 3 kills. The power up should look like this in the bottom left corner:

Meet the Anarchy Butcher - 20
Kill 20 mutants via the mutant execution technique. (Campaign Mode)

To unlock this achievement you must finish off 20 mutants with the execution move, done by pressing when a green ring circles around them. This will probably unlock naturally, but if you must unlock this, go to White Side 4-2 Free where a lot of mutants spawn.

Big Combo Anarchy - 40
Defeat an enemy with a combo of 100 hits or longer. (Campaign Mode)

Unlike most games, combos in Anarchy Reigns are not a string of attacks. Instead, they are simply attacking continually without long delays between attacks. You can easily unlock this anywhere in Street Brawl or even in White Side 1-1 Free on Hard where there are a ton of regular enemies without spawning a difficult enemy who could break your chain.

Massage with an Anarchy Ending - 15
Evade 5 throws. (Campaign Mode)

This is one of the more frustrating and annoying achievements in this game. This requires you to press almost immediately as you are grabbed. The problem is that enemies do not grab very frequently. The best way to unlock this is by playing White Side 4-1 where you fight Nikolai. Constantly circle around him until he grabs you, then quickly press . Do this 5 times to unlock this achievement. You can watch me unlock it here:

Duel of the Anarchies - 15
Counter 5 enemy attacks. (Campaign Mode)

This will probably unlock for you by accident. You simply must attack an enemy who is in the middle of attacking 5 times to unlock this achievement.

Rage! Rampage! Anarchy? - 15
Defeat 50 enemies while in Rampage mode. (Campaign Mode)

This achievement will likely come naturally. You must merely defeat 50 enemies while you are in rampage mode. To initiate rampage, click in on and simultaneously.

Anarchy is a Killer Weapon! - 15
Defeat 50 enemies with Killer Weapon attacks. (Campaign Mode)

Like the rampage achievement, this will likely come naturally as well. Simply defeat 50 enemies with killer weapon attacks. Hold and then press or to use your killer weapon attacks.

Path of the Weak isn't Anarchy - 15
Defeat 30 enemies with throw attacks. (Campaign Mode)

To unlock this you must kill 30 enemies with a throw. To throw an enemy, press while next to them. Do this in Street Brawl where you have a lot of enemies to throw consistently.

In Anarchy, Timing is Everything - 10
Evade 10 times. (Campaign Mode)

Like many other achievements, this one will probably be unlocked naturally as well. To evade, simply hold and a direction and then press .

The Best Defense is Anarchy - 10
Defend against an enemy attack 10 times. (Campaign Mode)

As said before, this will likely be unlocked naturally as well. Hold to block, and let enemies attack you 10 times.

Elite Force of Anarchy - 20
Starting on White Side, complete all Campaign and free missions on any difficulty. (Stage Select OK)

To unlock this achievement, complete the game after choosing White Side at the beginning of the game.

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