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I'll admit I quite enjoy the campaign and Guerilla is OK (although why the hell you can't play public games of it is beyond me).

But the MP is just shocking. I've ground my way through a number of achievements in quick matches and I was starting to work on ranking up all the classes but I've now given up. The number of host migrations and flat-out disconnects is beyond a joke.

More often than not I join a match and find I am on the losing team and get thrashed. Last night I got onto a good team in Conflict, was having a great game and scored a ton of XP only to be disconnected with 15 seconds (yes, 15 seconds) of the match left. All that effort for absolutely nothing.

It's not worth the frustration, especially when the multiplayer component of GRFS has so many issues already (poor collision detection, cover working some times and not others, wonky controls, etc, etc). I've given up on the MP.

What I don't understand is how this has happened when GRAW 2 was such a well polished game with great MP and co-op. Not exactly progress, is it?

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