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Secret 'Fifth Ending'? (Spoilers, obviously)

All right, so I've seen the 4 main endings... suicide, returning alive, going down in a blaze of glory, or killing all the 'rescuers'.

But I've heard a rumor that there's a fifth ending, which you can only get if you take all of the 'nice' options throughout the game. If it's true, I screwed that up when I decided to rescue Goul instead of the civilians... and that's WAY too far back to start over from if this rumor's false.

Supposedly, in this ending (which obviously also requires you to avoid suicide at the end), the evacuation-force actually arrives in time to save the thousands of civilians left in the city from dying from thirst. Walker's still completely messed-up, and your team's still dead, but at least the civilians didn't end up paying the price.

But I dunno if it's true. I looked around YouTube for some 'ending videos', and they all only showed the 4 I know. Can anyone deny/confirm?

If you go through the game collecting A Man of Patience, Damned if You Don't, Friendly Fire, A Line, Held and Too Late The Hero, you should get the secret fifth ending...

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