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Originally Posted by RyanfaeScotland View Post
Haha that would be pretty funny.

Although the idea's here are good I don't think they should be made into main game-features. What I mean by this is the likes of certain characters having stat boosts / special skills, a pretty good idea but keep it small so that characters don't get pigeon holed into 'Medic' 'Solider' 'Engineer' and so on like so many other games.

Same goes for the idea of becoming skilled in one weapon, lets not make it a huge grind fest where you need to get 1000 head shots to be better at it or use it alone for 100 games, just a small improvement would be fine (big enough to be noticable though!) or even a large improvement but short lived such as use the same weapon for most of the first 3 chapters improves it in the finally. Or better yet have things save between games so using the same weapon through Campaign 1 makes it better in 2 and again in 3 and so on. You could then have the A.I. director adjust difficulty of each campaign based on the weapon level of the playing characters.

I guess what I'm getting at is L4D2 is good because you can just pick it up and go, no need to level up or grind or find the best weapons, and they should try and keep that as much as possible whilst also adding new things to keep it fresh.
I agree with you. Both Left 4 Dead games were successful for that. The fact that you could just pick it up & start playing right away. Leveling up weapons or having characters with "special skills" that the other doesn't seems too, Dead Island to me(great game btw).. But it just doesn't seem L4D.
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