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1. Click Clock Wood - Love the music, love the seasonal changes, the tasks, the characters, everything. Brilliant final level before Grunty.
2. Mumbo's Mountain
3. Bubblegloop Swamp - Loved being a crocodile.
4. Mad Monster Mansion
5. Gobi Valley
6. Freezeezy Peak - Only thing I hated about this level was the damn sled race. Got derailed soooo many times.
7. Treasure Trove Cove - Hated that damn shark. e___e Scared me as a kid.
8. Clanker's Cavern - Meh...
9. Rusty Bucket Bay - Bane of my existance. The oily water. Those damn floating mines. The engine room. THOSE PORTHOLES THAT CAME ALIVE. Those scared me so much when I was little. ;___;
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