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Originally Posted by VVh1pCr3am View Post
I've come to the conclusion that Happy Action Theater no longer works and should probably be removed from PlayFit. I've been playing this piece of shit everyday and it just won't count anymore calories. I'm stuck at 151.
That's a shame as I'd heard (at the begining) a lot of big calorie wins for that one. It could be the Kinect ID problem like what effects Your Shape'12 (my nemesis). However, a lot of the early big calorie burners bragged they just sat around with friends with HAT running and got tons of calories, if this were a Kinect ID issue I'd think having a group of people would make it worse.

However, u aren't the first to complain that HAT has completely stopped; this coupled with Sesame Street game coming down off the supported list could mean bad things to come for our little app..... really need to see something added to that list.
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