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Originally Posted by WOLFkraut View Post
I would reconsider, after playing Fallout: New Vegas on PC I really can't imagine playing it on Xbox again, mods make it so much better.

A few things you could try, if you so choose, would be updating your drivers, updating the game (if you bought it on Steam the game should auto-update), download the lastest DirectX (Fallout 3 and NV use DirectX 9), lower your graphics settings (and make sure your computer can even run Fallout in the first place) and while I'm not sure about Fallout 3, New Vegas needed a patched dx3d9.dll to even play for me (BUT be careful where you get it from, .dlls are on the same level as .exes, so downloading a random one is asking for a virus, trojan, malware, whatever... I got mine from, a trusted source and the file itself had tons of endorsements).

The things above may not help, but they're worth a shot.
Originally Posted by Choppa_mate View Post
Hey if you are still looking at this I might be able to help. Are you running windows XP, Vista or 7? I recently purchaced it for PC. I could start the game normaly and after a short amount of time the screen would freeze. I could however still hear the music in the background. After awhile I Googled about it, to find that it has issues when running on Windows 7. There are a couple of videos on youtube about fixing it. They have helped, and my Fallout 3 hasent frozen since. But if you have just "cheated" to get the achievemnt's then I suppose you are not intreseted in the game.
Cheers to both of you, but I can't be arsed with all the messing about trying to get it to work. That's why I got it through steam, as I thought everything would be done for you. (I'm half lazy, half clueless).
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