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Sugar Daddy 10
Tipped Moxxi $10,000

*See below for cheat method.

Money shouldn't be too hard to come across in this game as it's everywhere. You'll get it from completing main/side missions, killing enemies and completing challenges.

Moxxi can be found in Sanctuary at her bar & club called Moxxxis. You can't miss her, she's behind the front desk. Once you spot her, you'll notice a glass jar on the front desk which has some red lips poking out of it saying, "Insert Your Tips".

Look at it and you'll be prompted to either give Moxxi a $100 tip by pressing or a $1,000 tip by pressing . If you have the cash, press to hand over a $1,000 tip. Now do this 9 more times and the achievement will unlock. If you don't have enough money don't worry. You can come back at any time to give her the remaining money, it does not have to be all in one go.

*If you want to keep your money, simply save the game before you give the full $10,000 tip to Moxxi. Once done, quickly dashboard. Now just load up your previous save and you'll still have your $10,000.

Cute Loot 15
Killed a Chubby

Chubby can be found all around Pandora, but there's two good spots you're guaranteed to find one and that is in the starting area of the Caustic Caverns (Cubby Vakid) & the Wildlife Exploration Preserve (Cubby Stalker). It has a fixed spawn point where the first group of enemies are located, right next to the fast travel stations. So you can back out to the main menu and hit continue to make all enemies respawn but take note they're ultra rare, so it may take some time. A Chubby is not a normal enemy, he's a variation of an enemy type, so - Varkid, Spiderant, Skag, Stalker, Midget and Rakk.

For a list of other known locations, please see below.
  • Blake Bridge
  • Underground area's of Frostburn Canyon
  • The Dust
  • Firestone
  • Slaughter Dome

Tribute To A Vault Hunter 15
Got an item from Michael Mamaril

Michael can be found in Sanctuary. His location changes randomly, so you'll have to do a bit of searching. All you need to do is simple talk to him and he'll hand you a weapon. Once you've accepted it, the achievement will unlock. Below are a list of his known locations.
  • Scooters Garage
  • Marcus's Shop
  • Centre of map, next to the "This Just In" vendor
  • Moxxxi's, at the bar or next to the piano & jukebox
  • Outside the Black Market
  • Crimson Raiders HQ
  • Down by the Sheriffs near the Dhal garbage
  • Dr Zeds
  • Stairs near Claptrap

Definitely An Italian Plumber 15
Killed Donkey Mong

Donkey Mong is an ultra rare monster that spawns in the Bullymong areas of Eridium Blight [MAP]. You will enter this area automatically during a story mission. He looks like one of the common Bedrock Bullymogs, but throws explosive barrels at you.

Donkey Mong has only one single spawn point, however, he spawns very rarely. He can also spawn at any time of day. Take note that you do not have to do any special requirements to make him spawn.

High-Flying Hurler 10
Killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon

Tediore weapons have a special ability that each time you reload, your character will automatically throw the weapon (don't worry it'll come back to you) wherever you're currently aiming. Doing so and hitting any enemy with it, will cause a small amount of damage. So with that in mind, you'll first need to find/purchase a Tediore weapon, have it equip and then you'll need to search for any flying enemy.

The best enemy to try this on is a Rakk as they take one hit from the thrown weapon to die. Plus you're in luck as they're right at the start of the game in Southern Shelf. So either do some of the side mission and hope you get a Tediore gun as loot, or buy one from the town.

Once you've got one, head open area just outside of the town and you'll see some Rakk flying about. Simply take a shot at them and they'll start to fly towards you. As one gets close, tap to reload and hopefully you'll hit one of them. If not, just rinse and repeat until you do.

Token Gesture 20
Redeemed 25 tokens

This achievement is linked to your characters Badass Rank. These ranks are gained by completing challenges given to you throughout the game. Upon completing one, you'll be given a new Badass Token which you can then put towards a new Badass Rank.

There's no limit on how many Tokens you can receive and Badass Ranks you can gain, so all you need to do is obtain and redeem 25 Tokens. To use a Token or see how close you are to the next Badass Rank, open your ECHO Device and tab across to the Badass Rank/Challenges page (Medal icon).

Build Buster 20
Killed a Constructor without it ever building another bot

The earliest time you'll come across a Construct is during the side quest "Out of Body Experience". These guys are pretty tough and you may have a few issues in your earlier levels trying to bring one down at your current level and weapons to hand.

There's a little trick though. Once you've come face to face with one, kill all the initial enemies around him and then die. Once you respawn around the corner, the Construct will no longer build anymore robots. This now gives you the time to kill him without the worry of more enemies being spawned by him and missing out on the achievement.

How Do I Look? 25
Unlocked 10 customization items

To unlock a customised item, you'll need either get it as a reward for gaining a new Badass Rank, so completing challenges, or find them via dropped/found loot. There are tons to collect for each Vault Hunter, so you're not limited to just 10 pieces.

Once you've found an item, make sure you go into your ECHO Device and select it with . Doing so will send it to the PTM Quick Change machine in Sanctuary. You must do this for it to count towards the 10 you're collecting.

Friendship Rules 10
Revived someone from "Fight for Your Life!" that is on your friends list

This can be boosted very early on in the game. First things first, you'll need someone on your friends list who is playing the game and willing to join your game or you joining theirs. If you don't have anybody, please go HERE.

Once you've got a partner and are in a game, you'll now need to find an enemy. Going into "Fight for Your Life" mode is kind of like "Last Stand" in Call of Duty. When your health is depleted to 0, you'll die but go into "Fight for Your Life". Being in this mode, you can only crawl at a slow pace but you can still shoot your weapons. If you manage to kill an enemy before the new health bar is depleted, you'll be brought back to life and get your "Second Wind". But for this achievement, you don't want to do that.

Once you've found an enemy, either you or your partner stand there and let it kill you. Now have either yourself or your teammate walk up to each other and you'll then be prompted to press and hold to revive. Doing so will bring them back to life (when the green bar is full) without them having to shoot and kill someone and the achievement will unlock. Just make sure you revive them before their health bar runs out, otherwise they'll die indefinitely and respawn away from the fight.

*This can also be done with a second silver XBL account. Simply log them in, and then continue to follow the description above.

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