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Originally Posted by HamKet View Post
For Your Shape 2012, I've found that the "Lose It" and "Keep it Off" DLC add-ons were quite good in burning calories that actually registered in PlayFit.
Ahh, that makes sense. I just bought that DLC bundle last week when it was on sale and wondered why my PlayFit calorie tracking had improved so much when using YSFE '12. I've mostly been using the content of those two add-on items since buying it.

Amazingly, Disneyland Adventures still remains my greatest PlayFit calorie-burning contributor. I wish I could report which attractions/activities provided the best calorie-burning scores, but I have no clue. I just happened to be in the midst of playing that game when PlayFit launched. If I remember right, almost 2600 calories burned prior to PlayFit's release had imported to PlayFit the first time I launched the PlayFit app. Currently, almost 4,000 of my total PlayFit calories burned come from that game.
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