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Can anyone help with me with the green's so in achievement? im missing one green jewel in the desert of the knaaren level in the part before the last one where there are two I can only find one many thanks to anyone who helps im only missing this one to 200G

Edit: GOT IT in the part where the grenade lums are on thier sticks near the end make them drop their sticks with their own grenades and kill them all then brake the cage and you will get a green jewel instead of the green powerup

anyway here is a list of all the green jewels:

Levels:, Amount there is
The Fairy Council, 2
Clearleaf Forest, 4
The Bog of Murk, 3
Land of the Livid Dead, 5
Desert of the Knaaren, 8
The Longest Shortcut, 4
The Summit Beyond the Clouds, 3
Hoodlum Headquarters, 5
The Tower of the Leptys, 7


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