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I'm sorry you're having a lot of difficulty with some of the stages here. There are several general things you could try to make it easier on you:

- Search for videos on YouTube of people completing the stage you're stuck on in English. Remember, in English this game is called Dynasty Warriors 5. Use the achievement guide to get the name of the stage you're currently playing. This will let you see what it is you have to do on each stage.

- Use a FAQ; I've linked to one in the Roadmap section.

- Some basic familiarity with the Dynasty Warriors series will help. I'd strongly recommend you play through Dynasty Warriors 7 (in English!) before trying a game that's exclusively in Japanese.

- Do you know the name of this troublesome general? If he appears on the Hu Lao Gate or Si Shui Gate stages, it's most likely Lu Bu, whom you should avoid - he's deliberately made stronger and more difficult to kill on those stages, and you're not expected to do so.

I still stand by my time estimations (well, maybe not the 20-30 hour one - thanks, Minioger ), but nonetheless I welcome your feedback. Thanks!
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