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How much longer u got on ur gold? mine runs out the 26 or 28th of Aug. so I want to get it this week on saturday if u can b on and ur gold in service and i'm also tryin to get people 4 the character achievements (Carnage in C-minor and Smells like Victory) i just need 7 people 4 2 private games thats gonna last 2 rounds(deathmatch b/c its easier to get more charcters) and possibly 10 mins. (just 2 b safe) so if u wanna help with all 3 and still have gold just mssg me on XBL or send me a friend request and b on btw.(between) 12 and 8 pm that day to help. NEED 7 PEOPLE 4 SMELLS LIKE VIICTORY AND CARNAGE IN C-MINOR.

GT: CODE49ACKMED (all caps)
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