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The things I hate about mw2:
Akimbo, range on shotguns, tubes, one man army tubing, secondary heroes, snipers who use a sniper for the ghillysuit but blast away with a spaz/aa12, no checkpoints in spec ops, steady aim, marathon, stopping power (try getting kills without), commando leaps, nuke ending the game, campers, host mirgrating, leggy hosts, hacked lobbies, aim bots, wall hacks, tactical insertion campers, Barrett no scope spammers, people who don't snipe in sniper SnD lobbies, headshot hit markers with a bolt action sniper,Painkiller, last stand, final stand,..

Glad I got this of my chest.. Overal i still enjoyed the game and still play online from time to time, even tho it's often at the expense of my good mood..

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