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Originally Posted by STONE DEVIL View Post
Horrific hit detection, tactical knife lunge and quick scopers.

Hit Detection is a design flaw that should have been fixed a long time ago.

tactical Knife lunge is a friggin' joke. Yes, because all soldiers run around on the battlefield at triple speed killing others with a 6' lunge.

Quick scopers are just talentless douche bags that have to exploit a glitch to get kills; then talk shit.

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In all honesty, quick scoping and drags coping asks a lot more talent than spraying a SMG or assault rifle with an accuracy of 10%, and chances are pretty big that if you miss yours shot, you'll end up dead. I don't get how it's a glitch, since all COD games I played had quick scoping, but I do agree that they shouldn't talk shit, but that goes for all players, no matter their choice of weapons
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