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I found the following list to be very helpful in trying to hunt down that last missing item. Obviously if you have all the spells those can be checked off and the same thing with seeds, accessories and weapons. It is all of the other items that make things a pain but to short the list even more by knowing what can be purchase in the auction house helps.

Disc 1
Highlands of Wohl
Sea of Baus
Numara Troop Camp

Disc 2
Old Sorceress' Mansion - (All of the "Past Within the Mirror" areas)
Experimental Staff
Samanese Merchant Ship

Disc 3
Gohtza - Middle Town
Gohtza - High Town
Gohtza - Rosa's Restaurant
Gohtza Station - Waiting Room
Gohtza Station - Platform
Aurora-Bound Train
Snow Covered Trail
East-Bound Track
Old Gohtza (Includes Eastern and Western Districts, along with the Scrap Dungeon)
Uhra Sewers - Giant Drain
Uhra Sewers - Conduit
Uhra Sewers - Treatment Plant
Uhra Sewers - Magic Tank

Disc 4
Grand Staff
Grand Staff Redux

These are the places that you cannot return and therefore the items should be available in the auction house. Some of these you mentioned in the guide others you did not.
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