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Health Expander 1

As soon as the scene starts, move left (which is backwards). Break the planks. Now crawl through and run to the body. Examine it for the health upgrade.

Achievement: What You Need

After collecting the health expander, you will gain an achievement.

Blue Handkerchief (Secret 1/3)

As soon as this scene starts, walk forward to the gas station. You will see a hanging body at the end near the last gas pump. Examine it.

A.C. Wuornos ID (Secret 2/3)

You will climb up into a small building's window. There will be a ledge that falls once you jump onto it inside. The body is to the right in the other room. Be careful, as enemies will be pouring in. You will have to jump back up to exit.


Safe Point Map (Secret 1/3)

At the start of this scene, you will jump to an area that talks about wall jumping. Fall into the gap to the right and examine the corpse.

Medicine Book Page (Secret 2/3)

After climbing up the building, then leaping to the ladder, you will see a water tower and instead of crawling under it, go backwards. You should see a ladder, Climb down it and jump into the window. Inside is the secret.

Music Box (Secret 3/3)

After the above, crawl under the water tower and into the building. There is a TV on. Fall through the floor to the right. There is a music box just to your left. Examine it.

Diary Page 3

After climbing out of the window back to outside, you will have to leap to a fence. Once over, you should see some construction videos. There is electricity on the ground. Go left into the shack and grab the diary page in the desk.

Achievement: Don't Lose Your Head

This will be one of the more random ones. To kill an enemy with a single melee attack, you must get a hit on their neck/head which decapitates them. Get in groups of enemies and swing around and try to get one. This may be one you get randomly throughout the game, there is no special spot to get it.

Achievement: In the Army Now

Near the end of the the level you will get this achievement before picking up the gun.

Achievement: Wanted Dead or Alive

You will be in daylight after obtaining the gun in a memory. It will teach you how to shoot. Once you get told to shoot a can, don't. Hold the to draw your gun and press and reload it with , tapping quickly. If you did not do it fast enough, you can keep refilling your bullets with the ammo boxes to your right. Then just press to shoot all 6 bullets. Now, press quickly to reload your gun. Do this until you get the achievement.

Achievement: Rust in Peace

Now that you have the pistol, you can get this achievement for getting a head shot. When an enemy is around, just aim with and pull the trigger.


O. Elwood Toole ID (Secret 1/4)

After climbing on a burning truck and going through a window with a pawn sign by it, check the ground in the room you entered for a body to examine.

Complaint Receipt (Secret 2/4)

After knocking over the water tower to cease the fire on the truck, you will jump over it and head into a knocked out wall in the building. Climb into the room with the water leaking and check in front of the white couch for this secret.

Testament Letter (Secret 3/4)

After climbing to the top of the building, you will have the enemies break the planks. Go back down and climb up the new path. Eventually you will climb to the top floor. Inside is a body to examine.

Eiffel Tower Postcard (Secret 4/4)

You'll eventually have to evade some electricity on the ground. Once you climb up to the next floor, go left. You should pass a bunch of lockers and some hanging bodies. In the room on the left you will find a body to examine.


Sam's Badge (Secret 1/2)

As soon as you start the scene, examine the body under the Lou's Pawn Shop sign.

Couple's Picture (Secret 2/2)

After you shoot the lock above you after examining Sam's body, move up to the next floor. Go right and leap over the gap. Inside the bathroom you will find the secret above the chair.

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