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ACT 2: Hunters


Achievement: Is There Anybody There?

This is at the end of the Act. After completing the last scene, you will be in a dream sequence. Run forward and at the end, you will gain the achievement.


Diary Page 4

After climbing up some falling platforms, you will have to whistle for help from the "Rat" (the man in the tunnel) a second time. Once you are to the area with the ladder above, pull the box out. Instead of using it just yet to climb, go to where you pulled it from and crawl under. You will see where the collectible is.

J.L. Dahmer ID
(Secret 1/2)

Soon after the diary page, you'll get to a room with 4 sand bags and 4 traps that fall from above. Run past them and jump on the top of one of them. Make your way to the hanging dead body on the left. Examine it for the ID.

Poem Page 2 (Secret 2/2)

You will call on the Rat again to open a trap door. Once you are down the ladder, you will see a body to examine along your normal route.


Rat Bone Necklace (Secret 1/1)

You will need to push a box after dislodging a plank with your sling shot to break spikes on a slope going down. Use the slope and you will get to a part where you hang. Drop down under the 2 platforms of spikes and hang on your left. Drop down and go inside the hidden passage for the collectible.


Achievement: Land Down Under

Obtained once you start the scene.

Medal of Honor (Secret 1/4)

Once you start the scene, head left and run into the boarded door to the left of the ladder. Shoot the red box on the top left with your slingshot and examine it.

Polaroid (Secret 2/4)

Climb the ladder in the same area and follow the Rat into the shack. Jump onto the left box and crawl into the hidden room for the collectible.

Nang 68 Photo (Secret 3/4)

From above, continue on and lower the platform. Jump to the right and you will see a box to drag to the left. After dragging it, go to where it was to find the collectible.

9 Circles of Hell Illustration (Secret 4/4)

You'll come to a point where you must break through a wall after moving the box around. The secret little room is actually visible on the left that you can jump into.


K.A. Bianchi ID (Secret 1/3)

You will cross a subway train. Jump from it to the boarded door. Break the door and collect the ID inside the room.

Health Extender 2

This is one of the trickier pick-ups so far. Once you climb up from the subway part, you must use your slingshot to clear the gears. Instead of going straight after, wait on the platform and shoot your slingshot to the target above. It will move, and you must press down on the left stick then get back up to avoid obstacles. The extender is all the way to the left on a body.

Rat's Territory Page (Secret 2/3)

You will enter a room with water and on each side. Spin the drain and get rid of it in the middle. Now, go left and crawl into a secret room.

Survivor Diary Entry (Secret 3/3)

This one will be in your path. As you climb subway cars, you will enter inside one. The collectible is on the ground.


Rosary Wooden Beads (Secret 1/4)

Once you enter a house through the window, you will see a dead body hanging. Examine it.

West Seattle Herald (Secret 2/4)

You will come into a second house just after the previous. Inside on the ground is the collectible.

Robert C. Bundy ID (Secret 3/4)

You'll jump from a house to a line that breaks and there will be a house you enter with a lot of enemies piling in. Jump to the window and jump to the left to hang on a rail. The ID is in the left room.

Sick Woman Photo (Secret 4/4)

You will get to the tree house. Inside you can grab the collectible.

Diary 5

From the Tree House, jump and slide on the shed to the right. At the bottom by the fence is the diary.

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