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I'll have to buckle down and rent Disney Adventures, heard several people say its a good way to earn quick points.

Junk Fu: I've figured out that you can swing both arms in wide circles (higher up and down the better) and get all the way to 20 calories before even worrying about missing any junk because you will essentially just play through every 'bonus' round up to hamburger (almost). From there you have to watch for the 'kickables', but if you have the endurance continuing to swing your arms in circles will get 90% of all junk (besides kickables, of course) all the way to the 35 calorie mark. From there the swinging arms doesn't work as well as they tend to hide one directly behind the other opn the left side and this one can be missed.

Daily I do a few rounds of Fu taking each round to about 50 calories before giving up (this mad swining is rough on the arms). Daily I lose about twenty calories which don't get counted, but I get a t least a hundred up there which is pretty good considering how fast each round is (I basicly zip straight to having 20 calories).
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