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MAMMAS BOY MISSION.(its the cage fight)

i was having no luck at finishing this mission with less than 10%health is the trick i found to get it done easily.

2 blocks south of the lc cage fights is a hospital.around the back on the wall where the ambulances park is a first aid kit.accept the mission from youre cell phone go in and fight as best you can to win.once you have won you will be back outside with away from him and to the first aid kit grab it now turn a round and kill him.mission done and you should have the 100%.i hope this helps as it was my last one and really pissed me off.

ONE MORE TIP.some missions start you without a vehicle or in one thats not really suited for speed.on these ocasions simply got to the starting point of that mission.once there have henriqe bring you a car through the cell.when he is almost there(you will see a H coming on the mini map)
choose the mission on the cell.when the mission starts your requested car will be there for you.the best example i can think of is SEXY TIME.i hope this helps.
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