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This is one of my favorite games of all time, I've played through the campaign on PC multiple times, 360, and on PS3. I can play it over and over and over. Heck, the collectibles don't even annoy me because you actually can use the diamonds for something. As for respawning bad guys, just find new ways to kill them, mix it up and keep it frest, lol. I've played through on hard without much problem (just a couple parts, like the boat defense at the beginning of the 2nd part of the game). I did try "infamous" recently, and yeah...that's tough!! My only real complaint is that I wish stealth was more a part of things. I really enjoyed sneaking into camps to assasinate the targets, and leave killing no one else, but I wish there was more opportunity to do things like that I suppose (and it's wayyy too easy to alert enemies, lol_ I mean, I'm driving their jeep, and the notice I'm their target 100 yards away...I should be able to get closer before they notice I'm not one of them) What I like about this game too, is even having played through the campaign 1/2 a dozen times, I still find new things. The last time I played I found a new passageway through a forested area that allowed me to wipe out a checkpoint by suprise. Cool stuff. This was actually the 1st FPS I ever played
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