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i changed my mind, the damn game seemed to never end, it was long enough before you even reach the FBI headquarters, which was then long enough before going to the other headquarters...

i just started running past battles when i could cause i wanted it to end.

and i just love the irony of all the complex battles and shit thru the entire game...and we get the final part which is easy as hell and literally took 30 seconds =/

i was waiting for them to make us have to "hurry up and get out before it blows" tho with a rediculous amount of small holes to fly thru but nope, troll devs ftw, just a cutscene and its over

most ppl complain about games being too short, yet even with this game where the developers had an achievement for beating it under 8 hours which means a speed run would be around the 5hr mark that most movie games are....but those games normally dont have stealth and wide open maps and can CASUALLY be beaten within that 5hr range, not having to run past crap

my sympathy to anyone who actually played thru a 2nd time

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