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Originally Posted by HalfEVILmonkey View Post
I still think people need to realize that all of the voice talent had to be re-hired, scripted, had them do the different takes, draw up all of the cut scenes...this was quite a bit of work that went into an admittedly short side story, but lots of work went on behind making this. This DLC was basically fan service for people complaining about all of the challenge maps.
All of that could've been done, with just a little more play space added. That was my main problem. I don't mind so much how brief and insignificant the story felt in itself - what I hated was how none of the gameplay felt meaty, involved, or unique. Robin was a brief new take on the same mechanics we've used hundreds of times by now. As far as "new" content goes, we basically just got a new facility.

For me, this would have felt acceptable as a piece of the game. It would have been a stellar piece if they gave Harley her own turf somewhere in the main game and had all of this go down. But to charge $10 for it to be the last story-driven piece of content we get from this game is just not acceptable. Price point is hardly an issue, to be clear, but it's the principle of the thing - I hate being sold content that leaves a sour taste in my mouth for a more-than-stellar game for a relatively exorbitant amount of money. Voice actors, cutscenes, whatever - other developers do this stuff and they do it better. Why can't Rocksteady? It's mediocre DLC for an amazing game, and that alone makes it really disappointing.

For me, the bottom line of DLC content that's not skins, maps, or bonus features is this: it should feel like a "mini-campaign". At the very least, I'm kind of expecting a beginning/middle/end kind of structure, with fairly interesting (if really rapid) development of a problem, and then an interesting climax. Harley Quinn's Revenge just didn't have this. By the time the last cutscene started rolling, I kind of felt like I was still somewhere towards the beginning to middle of the DLC. They didn't really develop the whole Batman brooding over Joker's death angle very extensively. The relationship between Batman and Robin still feels very awkward, even though we got to play as Robin here. We got no real explanation for why Arkham City is still a thing, or how long exactly this takes place after the main game.
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