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Co-op Challenges Wiped

EDIT: Long story short - DO NOT START A CO-OP MATCH BEFORE VERIFYING THAT YOUR AGENT STATS ARE VISIBLE. If you see any 0's, back out of Co-op and re-enter until they do. Major kudos to Market for sharing.

Just a heads up to everyone.

I've been working on the CEO achievement for several days now - off and on. Got on tonight thinking I could finally wrap it up and move on. I only had 9 or the 125 challenges left. By my estimate, I could have completed those in about 10-15 solo games.

I got on to find my co-op stats missing. Not an unusual occurrence, my rank and upgrades have never disappeared, but difficulty completion and challenges disappear frequently. I assumed I could load up a game, and the issue would correct itself. I played through the first checkpoint of New England, only to see Level 1 Challenge completes pop on screen. Pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. I backed out and all my other stats had returned - except for the challenges. Those are now reporting 2 out of 125 complete.

I've searched for some time now and can't find a remedy. Reboots have failed to resolve the issue and I'm pretty sure the challenge stats are stored remotely on an EA server - which were either deleted or overridden.

Last I saw I had just shy of a day in co-op. The last three quarters of that have been strictly for the last achievement I needed to 100% - CEO.

As I figure I'm boned anyway, I'm going to play a few more games and see if the server decides to pull its head out of its ass. In the meantime, I would recommend not start a co-op session without your stats visible. Otherwise, you may face the same disappointing fate as me. I'll update if anything changes.

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