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Originally Posted by thenutman69321 View Post
Definitely don't invert. Never will understand why anyone does. Of the dozens if not hundreds of gamers I've known and played with in real life, 2 used inverted.
This has got to be THE most ignorant opinion I've ever seen! Did it "POSSIBLY" occur to you that some players are just more comfortable playing certain games with the look (Y-axis) inverted?! Some people prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi (and some like both). People have different tastes!

As for your comment about the number of gamers you've played with in "real life" (I, personally, don't play games with people in my dreams)... how do you come up with such a wide disparity of dozens or hundreds? Also... who bothers to ask which of their friends plays with the controls inverted or not - is it really that important to know what OTHER people set their controls at?

I've been to gaming competitions, and have "actually" met hundreds of other gamers... and NEVER did I ask anyone if they play games inverted!

I only know 3 people who ever mentioned their preference for the Y-axis setting (because "they" mentioned it... I never asked). Two friends - who prefer it inverted, and my brother... who leaves it at normal (probably because he accepted the "default" setting and got used to it)!

I have a controller that has an invert switch on the bottom, and I use that controller for games that doesn't have (or doesn't properly implement) the Y-axis invert setting - like "Beyond Good & Evil." This controller also has a turbo feature, which is great for games like "Burnout Revenge" - for the "Crashbreaker" - which requires rapidly pressing the "B" button (the turbo does NOT work on the triggers - which is what cheaters use in on-line shooters like COD or Battlefield).

If you want to play a game that REALLY has screwed-up controls... try playing "Sneak King!" The controls might make sense if you were playing a forklift-driving game... but not for that one!!
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