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Originally Posted by Mr Yac View Post
such an odd collectible to have in the game, they even included pictures if you look at the IDs through the memories section
The pictures are actually members of the development team. Using the pictures of the actual killers could be considered... obscene.

Originally Posted by Bum Commando View Post
Kind of neat but i dont understand their relevance to the game? Are the corpses that you find all the ids on supposed to be the cereal killers themselves? It sure was nice of all those cereal killers to drop dead in a neat linear path along Vancouver.
Cereal? They killed Captain Crunch! And no. They're not all killers. It's just the IDs themselves. And it's Seattle. Not Vancouver.

But seriously. It's S-E-R-I-A-L killers.

Originally Posted by HatredIncarnate View Post
Read the diary. the guy is certifiable. maybe its his twisted psyche?
Yeah. Is it just me? Or did his diary make it sound like he was actually the one killing people in the forest? He mentioned animal attacks at one point. But later he mentions what he "had to do" to those two girls. I forget the page number. But he mentions that her had to do it because animals defend their territory. And he was defending his. On the same page. If you ask me, his paranoia (mentioned in the page about the bar where he waited for Ben). Lack of social skills/antisocial behavior (Ben is his only friend in all of Hope? Really??) And the previous page I mentioned, make him fit the profile of a serial killer almost perfectly.

If that is true, it would explain both:

SPOILERS!!! Why he didn't hesitate at all to kill his wife and daughter /END SPOILERS!!!


The real meaning behind the serial killer IDs and the connection as to why they claim to have put them in the game.

I'll have to shoot an email to the art director (he's on my facebook page) and ask him if that's true. Because now it really seems like it could be more than possible.
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