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Looks like this thread needs a *bump* to the front page! People are posting in the bitching thread that they like the game. Personally, I think the bitching thread should be stickied to the last page (but that's just me)!

I'm still not finding the game anywhere for under $20.00 (not by any significant amount, at least). I have a friend who is going to sell me his copy of the game when he finishes it (for 10 bucks), so I'll be playing again soon enough!

Anyway... if you love the game, post your thoughts here. It's not the best game in the world, but it IS fun... and a very pretty game on many levels. Also... if you have a Dolby Digital Sound System with an LFE sub-woofer... be prepared for the most amazing kick you've heard in a game, coming from your sub-woofer!!!
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