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Originally Posted by rdrunr89 View Post
I'm stuck on trying to get the Amplified achievement. I did what the guide said and tried to get the troopers over to the tower (I assume its the white circular ones with the lightning around them). I wind up actually using the Force Electricity on the troopers rather than the tower. I also saw somewhere else that it said to throw the troopers into the tower. Can't seem to get this achievement. Help anyone. Thanks in advance.
I realize you've already got this but for those who haven't got it.. CHEAT! force grab the troopers and put them up on the ledge.. the tall one with a spire.. get as many of em up there as u can and try killing of the ATs cuz they cam missile all of them to oblivion by accident and ruin your shot.. simple missile deflections will suffice.. and then when you're free of all the bother get close and Shock away.. mash Y is NOT better than holding Y (mash till the lightning is amplified then hold till dead..) :P
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