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Hard game to find!

The two closest Gamestops near me did not have this game. They only received a couple copies each, since I guess the game is not a big seller. So I had to travel to find a copy... and I live in Ohio. My best friend lives in Michigan, and he can't find it anywhere at any Gamestops. Big hassle unless you preordered or just got lucky.

The Orochi series is by far (this one in particular) the best of the Koei's these days with maybe the exception of the Gundam franchise. The regular DW has gotten quite stale, same charecters, same maps, same franchise. Which I love, and will continue to play but WO is def. a nice addition. Amazing roster of fighters, and a story that continue to grow and evolve. Def. a game I wont trade in because not too many copies are actually available.

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