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All you people giving the OP so much crap over this need to shut your pie-holes. There’s plenty to spend money on in this game. According to my game stats I’ve spent over $125,000 in the main game. I also spent $90k so far in Joe‘s adventure and I‘m about 75% done. Most of It on cars and some for weapons/ammo.

Upgrading one car with engine, paint, wheels etc. can run between $2000 and $3500, then you spend a couple hundred every time you drive it just to repair damage. On missions where you have to drive a vehicle other than your own, I like to run it by the shop and upgrade the engine. As far as picking up guns and ammo from enemy, I prefer to go into a mission fully stocked up whenever possible.

If you’re just breezing through the game to get achievements and nothing more, then don’t worry about it, but stop trying to say there isn’t anything to spend money on because there most certainly is! This game gets rather expensive.

While I’m at it, here’s a quick way to earn fast money in Joe’s adventure. You need to have space in your garage for a decent amount of cars. (10 or more) Go to the safehouse in Greenfield and drive an expensive car around for a few minutes (I found Ascot Bailey’s work best) until they start to spawn driving on the street the house is on. Put the one you’re driving in the garage and if there is any parked on the street, grab those and put them in the garage too. You can then stand at the end of your driveway and they should pass by every 30-60 seconds. Just walk in front of them so they stop and grab it. If the cops catch you, just bribe them. Keep parking them in the garage till it’s full, then go to the south side apt. (Oyster Bay) and take them from the garage and drive them to the docks and sell them. You can rack up mega cash fast this way.

*Note: I don’t know how the safe houses in Joe's Adv. are supposed to work. I read on another site you get access to them as you complete certain missions. When I first started out in the 1950’s I only had access to Joe’s apt. I played 2 missions, then I replayed the 1940’s mission, when I was there I had access to all three houses, I visited them (went inside and grabbed the playboy‘s) and then when I came back to 1950 I had access to them as well. You might try visiting them when you’re first in the 40’s and see if it works or replay the first mission like I did.

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