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Finished play through 1. Just a few things to help you guys out.

To open your camera select the purple button to the right of the blue tweet button.

Go ahead and take as many pics of the geotags at new scenes and when meeting new people to get your 30, 50, and 70 geotag achievements. When sang said you would unlock your 30 I was at 15, but you can take them whenever.

Skip until 8.10.2019 (Sat)
AKIPOPOPOPOOON [時は来た!今日こそGO] -> [肩肘張らずに/あー、ついに/がんばって~]

Skip until you are at a garage with beach lounge chair.
DAITOKU_JUNJUN [あたし、今日は役に立てなかった] -> [なんで繰り返すのか、]

What we have here is Sang put all 3 replies on AKIPOPOPOPOOON's tweet . Basically you can choose any of the 3 and you will be fine. I tried them all. For the DAITOKU_JUNJUN tweet there will be a scene with a beach chair during the day. The tweet will not show then. Skip farther into the day until it is evening and you will see the beach chair again and that is when you can select the tweet.

"Skip until 9.26.2019 (Thu)
Skip until camera is automatically opened.
Open the map and go to 長谷展望公園
Take the camera out and look under the table for report no. 04.
AKIPOPOPOPOOON [修理することが楽しかったし] -> [アキちゃんはアキちゃんのままで]"

Answer the tweet first then take the pic. If you take the pic first then the ability to reply to the tweet will go away. Then you will just have to reload the day.

Sang was not kidding when he said that sometimes it is just the beginning, middle, or end of the reply that you need to select. So just look very carefully at each symbol when you are selecting. If you have done the other novel games you will not have any issues doing this.

Also sometimes the tweet does not show right at the beginning of the day. You might have to progress a scene or 2 for it to show. I believe I had to do this twice in play through 1. So skip a little into the day if you don't see it.

That's it for play through 1. Not bad at all. Guide is perfect. I'll edit anything else in if I find anything.

Play through 2 tips.

Skip until you are told to pick a place using map. Go to the beach.
FRAUKOUJIRO [Σ(゚Д゚小十郎正宗の画像] -> [いいから寝ろ]
Capture report no 03.

When he says "Capture report no 03" he means to take a picture of the little green symbol on the top left of the mountain. This will progress the phase. Also the achievement that is above it is for 100 ports. Not sure what that is but I got it earlier. If you reloaded days you will unlock it sooner.


This is to unlock the achievement for completing everything. It is a little glitch where it doesn't unlock after your last play through, so you just start a new game then back out to main menu and it will then unlock. - sangriaz told me

Game Complete!!!! Thanks Sang for the guide!!!! When I finished the last play through I had 1 tip still locked and the last movie clip still locked. I reccommend if you are missing any tips to just go through a regular play through and start looking for every geotag you can find. Tips are connected to these. This is where mine was. Also the final movie clip is unlocked by failing the final button sequence of phase 9.

^^^These mistakes were made because of me skipping on geotags. It was not because of the guide. If you follow it to a tee and read carefully you will be fine.

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