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E. Theodore Gein ID (Secret 1/1)

As you run from the helicopter, you'll drop down inside a building. There is a body on your route, though you may miss it. Once you break through a door and see the helicopter shoot the enemies down, go back to the previous room to find the body on the ground.


Achievement: Goodbye Stranger

You will obtain a fire axe on this scene. Once you do, break the lock and kill the first enemy you see. Continue past the other ignoring it. Break the other door down and get the enemy over near the railing. Get on the left side of it and push it until it falls over the railing.

Achievement: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

This is obtained once you get to the park.

Half Heart Pendant (Secret 1/1)

When you get to the park area, it is in front of the swing set.

Diary 6

This is located just after the above collectible. It is near the fence in a garbage can.


Children's Stories Tape (Secret 1/2)

You will drop into a garage area and be climbing over a car on the second floor and going up a ladder. Once you get up, you will want to hope over the railing and go left to "G3". There is a body in the corner under the number.

A.H. Fish (Secret 2/2)

Once you get outside again, you'll see a bus you must jump on. Turn around from the bus and start hopping on the path left and above. Once you are back on solid ground above where you came from, you'll keep running left into a store. Inside there is a high shelf with an ID on it. You must charge and run into the shelf to knock it down.


Diary 7

Right when the scene starts, go down the steps and drop down a level. Go backwards towards the hot dog stand and the diary is by it.

Military Protocol (Secret 1/2)

You will be running through some locker areas. Towards the end you will get to a door you must open that leads upstairs. Right as you had came into the room with this door, you should have ran over the collectible which is by the boxes.

Pilot Letter (Secret 2/2)

Once you get back outside, you should see stairs above you. Jump onto the block in front of you, then run and jump to those stairs. There is a hanging body by the fence.

Handheld Game (Sport Daisy)

From the last collectible above, you should see a shelf you can move which was right before entering the hall to the collectible. Move it then jump on it and head up right. Climb more and up a ladder. Now head left. Shoot the lock on the ladder and jump to it. Continue left and you will feel the surroundings shake. Quickly jump up to the bar and use it to cross. Now just continue on to find the handheld.

Achievement: No Pain, No Gain

Beat the high (more like low) score of 30 to gain the achievement. Just use the bumpers and triggers on your controller to move your legs and feet as Daisy does.

Achievement: Never Gonna Give You Up

This is earned after completing the scene.


New Flue Brochure (Secret 1/3)

After crashing through a wood barrier, you will see an ambulance. The collectible is on the ambulance.

Diary 8

After the last collectible, jump into the window and the room contains the diary page.

Health Extender 3

There will be an elevator shaft you have to climb up. Instead, go down and to the right. You will see a scene with the daughter play out. Afterwards, it's to your right by the wall.

Doctor Letter (Secret 2/3)

As you climb the ladder in the elevator shaft, go onto floor 3. It is right on the ground, in front of the door you must smash to continue.

Crazy Doctor Recordings (Secret 3/3)

You will crash through another door soon after, and automatically push a shelf over to block the enemies. To the right of the first aid kit is the collectible.


Science and Medicine Clipping (Secret 1/3)

As soon as the scene starts, it is on a body next to the shelf in the middle of the room.

Karla L. Homolka ID (Secret 2/3)

After getting the medicine and continuing on, you will find yourself in a room with a body on a body. Collect the ID from the body.

Doctor's Watch (Secret 3/3)

You will pass through the top of the elevator shaft. Then you must leap to a room, which has a wheelchair and a body in it. Collect this from the body. Try not to fall during this leap because you cannot go back up.

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