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ACT 3: The New Law


Achievement: Under Pressure

Walk to the end of this scene for the achievement.


Green Berets Patch (Secret 1/5)

As soon as you start, go backwards to the helicopter and examine the body.

A. H. Desalvo ID(Secret 2/5)

As you run forward, you will come to a body in your path that you can examine. This is in front of a big wall with a star on it.

Henry L. Lucas ID (Secret 3/5)

You will travel a bit through the level. You will end up jumping on some wooden planks and there is a watch tower in the middle outside. Before jumping onto the rope line to continue on, drop down in front of the fence to find the body with the ID on it.

Safe Point Photo (Secret 4/5)

After you climb the rope across, go up the ladder hanging from the other tower, and climb up. Now climb across the higher rope backwards to the opposite tower. The collectible is on the ground.

Washington Today Clipping (Secret 5/5)

Right after the above collectibles is a shack. Don't jump over the fence from the shack until you grab this collectible. Drop down and head inside to find it.

(Madness Mansion)

Once you get inside the next building, things will start to collapse around you. As you slide down a ramp, you should see some light coming from what appears to be a vent. Jump to it and climb inside. The handheld is on the ground.

Achievement: Invisible Touch

This game is really easy to play, just move your character around and press or hold to kill the ghosts with your flashlight.


Medical Report (Secret 1/4)

As soon as the scene starts, you will see a very brief scene play out. A few steps forward and you will find the collectible.

D.R. Berkowitz ID (Secret 2/4)

From above, go outside and once you jump the gap and climb over the truck, the ID can be found on the body close to the truck.

Diary 9

Climb through the next building from above, and the diary is in the stack of boxes just by where you drop out from the window.

Registration Plan (Secret 3/4)

From above, continue into the next building and it is found before you enter the elevator on the ground.

List of Names (Secret 4/4)

Once you exit the elevator, it's right in the middle of the room.


Religious Brochure (Secret 1/4)

Once the scene starts, examine the door. Whistle to bring the enemy over, then crash through the door when he is close to it. Grab your backpack and climb up and hang. Jump backwards to the vent and climb through. Open the other side, go across the pipe, and then jump into the other vent with the body in it.

Piece of Stella's Sweater (Secret 2/4)

Continue on. This is on the floor on your main path near a computer desk, right before the shower area.

Achievement: Holding Out for a Hero

Story related, obtained after cut scene.

Arcadian Protocol (Secret 3/4)

When you have to shut off a generator to stop electricity on the ground, you will go into a building. This is in your main path on the ground.

Robert W. Pickton ID (Secret 4/4)

You will get to an area inside that has a lift you must operate and use to get to a bar above. To the right of the lift is the last ID card.

Achievement: Pickin' Up Strangers

After picking up the last ID, you will get the achievement as long as you have collecting them all.

Achievement: Forget Me Nots

If you have obtained all of the "secrets", you will not have this achievement.


Diary 10

Once you enter the house at the start of the scene, it is on the floor in front of you.

Achievement: Tainted Love

This is obtained after finishing the scene.

Achievement: I Want it All

As long as you had obtained all secrets, diaries, and handhelds, you will unlock this for finishing the game.

Achievement: Come Sail Away

After the credits have rolled and you are back at the main menu, this will unlock. The game is now 100% complete if you followed this guide.

Achievement: Spreading the Disease

If you haven't already, go into the leaderboards. If one of your friends has played the game and you see their name on the leaderboards, you will gain this achievement. If not you will have to find someone who has played it and add them (at least temporarily).

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