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Gonna echo what most people have said, the AI in this game is barely scaled at all, it was a lazy port of an arcade game meant to frustrate you and eat your quarters. Surprisingly, UMK3 gave me the most difficulty because of Shao Khan (even more so than Kintarou), because I was unable to use the awesomeness that is Baraka's Blade Charge. Motaro was a joke though and most of the other opponents weren't too bad (except for maybe Jade, since I was using Sub-Zero).

Even MK1 was relatively fair in comparison to UMK3 Shao Khan, and most of MK2 (if you're not using Baraka spam or a turbo controller). Anyways, I just wanted to bitch since this is officially one of maybe two or three games (another being MK9 ironically) that has caused me to throw my controller hard at an object (a couch, I have more sense than throwing it at a TV).

Can't imagine how awful this game was BEFORE the patch (I only played MK1 pre-patch, and quit when the achievement didn't pop) especially for people who bought Day One for $10, you poor things. It's sad that the people who waited months for a 50% off sale were the ones who got a patch a week or two later, wouldn't be surprised if the patch was put in to get more money instead of helping out the original purchasers.
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