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This game is really hard to aim 1000g because of getting an S rank is impossible. It like getting a S rank is to complete the Act mission without dying. The lasted Act I got a S rank is Crisis City as Sonic, because on the last area, I having trouble dodging the objects and cars while being chase by fire tornado. Unitl I realize I can light dash the rings to go far so I won't get hit by cars. Sonic's Speed is not fast, Silver's power is lack to control, and Shadow... well he no problem. For Rouge, she didn't use kick but she could use throwing bomb. For the medals hunting, I go to youtube videos to location silver and gold medals. It really hard to location them on my own, but thanks for the person who made the medal location videos. I had 1000G in 4 years to completed it. This game is hard, but I enjoy it because I'm a fan of Sonic. Hope I play it again.
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