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Originally Posted by eastx View Post
Two important things to note:

Glu Mobile actually contracted Bug Village, Gun Bros, and Contract Killer out to a different developer. The WP7 ports don't really reflect Glu themselves.

More importantly, the certification teams at Microsoft should have caught all of these major problems before the games were released. Developers count on MS to do the bug testing. If MS passes a super buggy game, it's not truly the dev's fault as the dev didn't know about those bugs.

Not saying the developer shouldn't be held accountable to some extent, but what's important is how they react once the game is out and the bug reports (which should've been caught long ago) start rolling in.
I'm just speaking from my familiarity with their products, which is just those three games on the WP7. If it's true that they outsourced the ports of those three to an outside developer then they should seriously consider another option. I would also agree that a share of the blame lies with the certification process if those games are able to pass in that state. If anything their poor handling is going to create a negative stigma in peoples' minds about Glu, free to play games, and the WP7 marketplace, as was the case with me and Glu.
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