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Originally Posted by BobbyTastic View Post
Edit: One last point. I think people really liked the creativity of the previous L4D achievements, and the specificness/originality of the challenges (as well as being able to claim that they succeeded in it). It's all about the challenge and proof of your efforts. If they were really that adverse to achievements, they could have opted to do what New Vegas and Dead Island did with in-game Challenges (I mean L4D already has an in-game achievement counter, which was nice). Or they could do a Halo or Call of Duty and have weekly community challenges, see how popular those are?

tl;dr Just because someone wants achievements doesn't mean they only give a shit about increasing their gamerscore by playing games.
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The Passing probably had the best DLC achievements as a whole of any DLC I have ever purchased.. they were seamlessly integrated and varied and challenging. The Sacrifice greatly disappointed me in that there were only 5 for the 250 and all at the same extremely high GS, and the fact that they weren't even ALL CAPS like the rest of L4D2 struck me as very lazy. I'm not surprised that the trend continued and they didn't put forth any effort at all this time.

Makes me wish I hadn't kept this content in the back of my mind and checked on it intermittently for a year. The way that video games work now allows people to feel a certain relationship with the developers that they support, and I feel that Valve did not support its fans like they expect us to support the company. I won't be buying this and will put future Valve titles under more scrutiny before making an impulse buy.
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