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Originally Posted by JuSt BLaZe View Post
This takes forever but I like this active-farming method. I'm level 69 (playthrough 1) and using a strong combat rifle for this, no mods.

AR490.0 Glorious Massacre (Damage-327, Accuray 93.9, Fire Rate 8.8)
with fire element x4
+100 Magazine Size (124 shots before reload)
+76% Recoil Reduction
+70% Accuracy

The only thing I've noticed so far if I kill them all very fast, there are too many items at one spot and when MINAC drives over them or the bombs he left explode near the collectibles a few simply dissapear. Looks like a glitch to me. So either I have to pick 'em up fast or get the things that are left. I want to avoid getting overrun.

So far I'm looking at:

6 Pizza, 10 Oil Can and 4 Bobbleheads. Oh well...

Edit: My end-stats after 5h of farming with this method:

Pizza - 18
Panties - 35
Clapfish - 37
3D Glasses - 35
Oil Can - 25
Bobblehead - 16

I died a looot but then again I also had enough money hehe. One more DLC (the best) to go and I'm done with this game.
Awesome game with a few annoying achievements
What's your favourite DLC? I personnaly prefered The Secret Armory of General Knoxx!

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