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Originally Posted by Kievah View Post
This is possibly the glichiest modern game I've played! Love it, but has anyone tried Mephistos Realm on Hard? It's glichy at the best of times, but on Hard it's practically unplayable. Music cuts in and out, no worries.. but there are sections where you need to kill the leaping enemies to progress further.. unfortunately, the damn things DISAPPEAR when they leap onto you, and the only way to fix this is have your character leap over the edge or leave screens. All this does is respawn the damn thing, and you've gotta hope they don't leap onto you AGAIN. Only way I got through was spamming my momentum attacks.

Just UGH!
The Leaper issue never happen to me, but here's a good trick.
Have Iceman. Obtain the skill that surrounds him ice, damaging any thing near him. It's an instant "Get the fuck off me" when they jump on you, I love it.
There is a few sections in that realm where enemies respawn.
One of them is one of the pentagram points where their is infinite Leapers until you beat the objective.
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