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alright i'm really getting disappointed and frustrated with this game's campaign. early on its not super hard or difficult, but later it just gets ridiculous, especially when your AI partners dont do jack squat and you have to kill 90% of enemies by yourself. why are they even there? i might as well be by myself, as helpful as they are. it consistently takes all 3 of them an entire magazine to kill ONE enemy, they're so unbelievably bad at it. meanwhile the enemies all get pinpoint accuracy later on in the game and you are nearly dead every time you poke your head out to take a few shots. and they toss grenades all the time. and dont even get me started on the "Diamond Formation" nonsense when you rescue VIPs, or the absolutely terrible inclusion of timed events that they felt needed to be in almost EVERY MISSION. "you have 3 minutes to kill 8000 enemies and get from here to this place 5 miles away. GO!" why cant i just do missions at my own pace?

i also ran into a nearly game breaking glitch where after i finished a mission and it went to the end screen, it faded to black and then froze, not doing anything. i had to reload the checkpoint 2 or 3 times before it FINALLY decided to load. i wanted to like this game a lot, but its really mediocre at best. really disappointed with Ubisoft\Red Storm.

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