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Originally Posted by m4milo View Post
I'm on my last run so I'm going to post my deaths so far in order.

1st Save Deaths (Chapter 5 before tentacle grabs you):
- Right as the game starts I took a wrong turn while running and died immediately.
- After getting kinesis in Chapter 1 I just wasn't on my game and died on the room with 3 necros.
- End of Chapter 2 with the Brute and train.

Between Chapter 5 & Disc Swap Deaths:
- After the betrayal is revealed and you spam A and fall down, the Brute killed me.

Between Disc Swap and 2nd Save (End of Chapter 9 before nest fight):
- In the decompression room in Chapter 9. Killed the first enemy on the right and when the the other appeared I shot him, broke the window and just wasn't fast enough to close it. Very small room too.
- Flight sequence in Chapter 7.

Between Chapter 9 and 3rd Save (End of Chapter 13):
- No deaths. I was very scared in Chapter 13 in the room with the spinning lasers because I dies the first time on my first playthrough.

Still need to go from Chapter 13 up 'till the end. Will post later what happens.
I'll like to add that I made it alive 'till the end from my save in Chapter 13. I came close to dying a couple of times though.
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