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Excellent guide. Played Monkey Island properly for the first time yesterday and romped through the achievements easily.

Couple of moments caught me out.

In the governor's mansion you kind of skip over that whole mad sequence where you just press A. It confused me a bit as I thought I deviated from the guide somehow.

Flint = noteworthy rock. Calling it flint gave me a moment to pause.

If you do the save for the alternate ending and you've got a lot of save slots used and you want to track down the right one it'll be the 57% save.

Riding the boat around the island and up to the cannibal's village. This confused me as you can't just click the top of the screen anywhere like the guide says but rather you have to click near the coast. You know if you've clicked the right bit as your boat travels faster.

When you have to combine items etc I found the old school interface a lot quicker but used the new look for skipping cutscenes.

But it was a fantastic guide. Got the game maxed out yesterday. Awesome.
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