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I'm not sure how much people care nowadays, but I have a few names to suggest after starting a Russian League themed revival of Portsmouth, starting in League 1:

Lacina Traore - Probably pretty well known nowadays, the 74 rated striker from Kuban Krasnodar stands an impressive 6 foot 8 inches, and is lethal in the air. League top scorer, works best at the front of a 4-3-3.

E. Pomazan - A goalkeeper I've raved about in UT, the young Russian keeper from Anzhi (I think) has received a large ratings boost from his 64 rated card in UT to a rating of 69 in career mode. An impressive shot stopper, he has shown a high level of growth in a relatively small number of games (he is back up for Pletikosa, also a top keeper), and has helped us win crucial games and penalty shootouts in the cup. Highly recommended.

Anton Sosnin - A 21 year old central midfielder from Kuban Krasnodar (before update - Kyryla Sovetov), a relatively low value and rating of merely 62 would probably be enough to put most people off. While he has been fairly slow to grow, he has been a key player for the team after impressing in a cup match against Fulham. Confident on the ball and capable of playing a good pass, he has also popped up with the odd crucial goal. Excellent squad player at least.

I really wanted to like Glushakov and Fayzulin, however I have found the two to be disappointing on the whole, and I shall probably be selling Fayzulin for Ananidze in January, as I have always enjoyed using Ananidze and watching him grow to a good 80+ player.

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