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Question Favorite TES game?

Hi all,

I'm simply curious, for those of you who have played previous games in The Elder Scrolls series, how does Skyrim rank among them? Of course, Skyrim has the advantage with it's modern graphics and such, but I'm interested in getting to the finer points of what makes a game a classic and a personal favorite. Consider all sorts of elements: combat and levelling systems, storyline, factions, environments, music, nostalgic touches, etc.

In my case, what prompted me to get an Xbox 360 in the first place was an advertisement I saw for Oblivion. I hadn't even owned an original Xbox yet at the time, but RPG's had long been my favorite genre and despite knowing little about it I could tell Oblivion was going to be a top-notch title. That Christmas, my parents were unable to find a 360 for me, so I got an original Xbox instead. I ended up picking up a copy of Morrowind, and to this day it is one of my all-time favorite games. The dungeons types are some of the most memorable, from the dwemer ruins and dunmer strongholds to those creepy, odd-angled daedric ruins. I've often thought that one of the aspects that sets Morrowind apart are the exotic enviroments and cultures. I could go on and on, but even today the slightly dated gameplay is as satisfying as ever and brings back tons of unique memories.

Any thoughts and added discussion would be much appreciated. I'm particularly interested in hearing from those who've played the first two TES games (unfortunately those are a bit before my time, but I plan on getting to them eventually).
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