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TES Morrowind. I lost my TES cherry to it, so it holds a special place in my heart forever!

I broke down and bought an Xbox after a all-night session on Halo with a buddy. Looking for an RPG to justify owning the box, I saw a used copy of Morrowind and something about it looked awesome! I took a chance, loaded it up, and was blown away at how much detail went into just allowing me to create my character. I'll always remember arriving on the island, stepping thru that gate.... and doing everything BUT the main story for months.

Even though now, after Skyrim, many look back and downtalk Oblivion for many reasons. I've never liked Oblivion, really. Mostly because it was nothing even close to what Morrowind was. Morrowind was dark, gritty. It's definitly dated compared to later titles, but it had a lot more going for it. I liked the enchanting system, as it was way more flexible and varied. I was able to enchant up a crazy gearset that allowed full-time waterbreathing, night vision, 100% invisibility, among other features.

I agree with you on how great the locale was. I loved everything from the little fisher towns, to the various ruins. The grand Imperial City, to the Great Red Mountain. I enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny, just to try to fill in my paper map as I played. Fast travel wasn't an option in that game, you started by taking Silt Striders between major towns. I then joined the Mages Guild with the primary goal of exploiting their teleportation system. Then I learned how to "fly".

I enjoyed learning about the 5 great houses. Running across a random Daedric statue, only to have it's booming voice command me to do its bidding. Learning to stay away from the dust storms of the Red Mountain, and it's hideous, faceless zombies. Walking through the woods, and finding the occasional Barbarian, who's been seduced, robbed, and subsequently turned into a tree. Hell, one of my best experiences happened near my beginning: walking through the woods, a guy falls from the sky, BOOM, dead. I loot his body, and find some potions and a journal about how he created a super-jump potion, and was perfecting it. But maybe he should work on something for landing. I guess he didn't get that far!

I guess what I'm getting at is that Oblivion (and Skyrim) streamlined the experience quite a bit. If that's good or bad, is opinion, but I liked having to do more in my game. It's what made it seem impossibly big. Ability to wear clothes, under (AND over) armor. Multiple pieces made up an armor set, for example, Paldrons (shoulders). I remember hunting all over trying to complete my Daedric set. The spell to levitate, which combined with my high speed from athletics, I was able to "fly" across the map! Hows that for fast travel? Or the spell to exit a dungeon to the safety of a town, and then return right back to the same spot (made for better looting when over-encumbered).

I don't know anything really about the first 2, and I don't know if I'll ever go back to play them (Tried to play the older Fallouts, out of respect, couldn't stick with it). Skyrim is an awesome game on its own merits, so I don't like to compare it to my Morrowind.

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