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DLC ending glitch?

Hey guys i just started playing the Harley Quinn DLC for the first time and i seem to of encountered a game ending glitch. I got up to the part where you need to get the key card off her in the dry docks and she is surrounded by armed thugs. I knocked out a couple of the guys and walked through a door to escape as i saw one approach me. Upon re entering i dun goofed and got killed so now whenever my game loads the checkpoint it loads where i walked through that door (i think it's corridor A or something) and i can't go back through it to Harley because Robin just keeps saying "Batman's running out of time i need to hurry." And if i try to push forward to go the whole way back around to get back to the dry docks i can't as one of the vents i need to go through leads into blackness and i die instantly. I was just wondering if anyone has encountered or heard about this? I tried to delete my save but it would appear the only way to do that is to delete my entire Arkham City save and i don't really feel like saying goodbye to hours and hours of work just to finish a DLC that only has 15 minutes left...
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