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Originally Posted by The Dauntless View Post
So I am on my 1st playthrough on Normal and have S Ranks on every mission up to 14. However, I cannot get S rank on chapter 14 as the highest synch I can get is 55%.

Its becuase I cannot do the Mash B button part, the game goes slow and ignores my button presses so I always fail.

I have repeated the level many times and even tried using 2 different turbo controllers as well. But the result is the same, the game registers some of the presses but then will ignore everything for a few seconds.

So I fail everytime. Also tried using a different standard controller and nothing works.

I have trouble with this too on hard mode.
It is the only level i must for the S rank..
Every time i fail,.
On easy and normal i had no trouble..
I tried a turbo controller but that also did not work.

If i understand it now i must press half the speed?
I am going to try it..
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