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Originally Posted by Dark Cyberfreak View Post
i also need to complete the level in 45min and i think we have to be 3+ people.

i am a fighter lv20 + some coins + costume with stat boosts.
Ok cool, If we can get one more some how then we are good. Do you have a good set of gear and accessories?

I have unupgraded extras if you need something. The main gear that I use switches between a Health set and a Physical Defense set.

Health set:

Weapon - Maize +10
Accessory - Lala Miss Dragon +10 / Goontram +10 / Cranial Armlet +10
Gear - Legacy: Holy Bone Haubrek/Gaiters/Shoes +10 / Verdure Continent Belt/Shoulders +10

Physical Defense set:

Weapon - Carmine/Scarlet +10
Accessory - Lala Miss Dragon +10 / Goontram +10 / Cranial Armlet +10
Gear - Full Iron Blow set +10

{Dungeon Fighter Live Wiki}

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